I always had a gift for manual work.  At the beginning, when my children were small and I needed to stay more at home, I painted ceramics and glass, worked with wood, ropes and tin, and made ceramic sculptures. However, my idea was to do something more creative. Later, I started having classes with Helena Coluccini. At first it was hard because I thought I lacked inspiration.

For me, the creation process is quite interesting; I work with clay, using a scrawl to make spontaneous movements with the hand on paper, without looking at the paper while I am doing it. When I stop, I then look and try to discover some form to help me define the work. However, I am surprised as the figure seems to have a life of its own, its own personality, at times very different from my original intention.

I work with themes related to what makes the world go round, to men and women. My idea is to transmit the independent dependence, the reason for one head and two bodies, or vice-versa.

In short, I take great pleasure in living with these characters, hoping that when they go to someone’s home, they will become part of their history.